• Line studies can be conducted to improve refinishing flow and output in conjunction with PPG and the end user.
  • Technical audits can be generated to assure product compliance.
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) can be put in place to ensure production and quality control
  • Technical service representatives will be scheduled for regular, onsite calls.


  • Services available for delivery are:
    • Fleet Radio Dispatch
    • Same Day Delivery
    • Hot Shot Delivery

Inventory Control System

  • Inventory will be maintained on a weekly basis through the service representative calls.
  • Bar coding
  • Kan ban- Internal inventory control
  • Job costing


  • Purchase/Usage reports
  • Special orders
  • Material job costing

Automotive-Specific Services


  • We have experts who are dedicated to fleet and commercial colour matches. They will maintain the integrity of your corporate pallets.
  • We have an electrophotometer (computer colour matching) available for onsite colour matching.
  • All colours are checked to the prime corporate standard before delivery to end users.
  • All corporate colour formulas are protected as company trademarks unless otherwise specified.
  • Our Touch Mix system is a computer system for colour formula retrieval.
  • We have a variant deck set up, provided by PPG, for accurate colour matching. Our staff will take care of each update for you on a regular basis.
  • In our store, we have a custom colour deck for those colours chips that are not provided in the variant deck.